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Unleash Your Inner 49ers Superfan

We are here to make your gameday experience better!

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"The 49ers Rush Road Trip was the experience of a lifetime. John Chapman's passion for the 49ers is contagious, and being able to share that with fellow fans in different cities was absolutely electrifying. The live podcast recordings, the meetups, the game-day excitement - I felt like part of a community, a family. This wasn't just a road trip, it was a journey into the heart of 49er fandom. Can't wait for the next one!"

Alex J.

"I thought I knew football until I started listening to the 49ers Rush Podcast. John's analysis is mind-blowingly detailed yet so accessible. He uncovers layers of the game I never even knew existed. The exclusive content on his Membership? Pure gold. It's like getting a masterclass in football - but more fun. As a 49ers fan, it's the best investment I've ever made. If you're not part of this, you're missing out."

Luis M.


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